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Positionspapier Bitkom on Europe's Digital Decade

Tafel und Ipad nebeneinander, Mensch geht von der Tafel ins Ipad und wird digitalisiert

Bitkom welcomes the European Commission’s ambition to measure the progress of digital transformation in Europe in order to improve transparency. To this end, we submitted a position with suggestions on the way forward:

Bitkom members believe that KPIs are not an end in itself and have to be independently defined and monitored, for instance with the help of an independent multi-stakeholder group. Our paper further outlines a (non-exhaustive) list of possible KPIs e.g. for measuring the digitalisation of the agricultural sector, the success of European start/scale ups, the transformation of public services or the dissemination of digital skills.

Bitkom believes that monitoring also concerns the regulatory process: Given the dynamic nature of the digital economy, we propose different instruments to monitor whether rules meet the European policy goals throughout their entire lifecycle.

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